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Documents Classified by Time Period : 1905 - 1909

Reference No. Document title
Reference No.: T1905000000101The uninhabited island, located 85 nautical miles northwest of Oki Island, would be named Takeshima and it would come under the jurisdiction of Director of the Oki Island branch office of the Shimane Prefectural Government.
Reference No.: T1905021500101Instruction No.87
Reference No.: T1905022200201Shimane Prefecture General Affairs No.11
Reference No.: T1905022200301Shimane Prefectural Notice No.40
Reference No.: T1905022400102New Oki islands (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1905022600101Application for a Sea Lion Hunting Permit
Reference No.: T1905030700101(Kō) General Affairs No.16 (Confidential report on applications for hunting in Takeshima)
Reference No.: T1905041100101Agriculture No.487
Reference No.: T1905041400101Shimane Prefectural Ordinance No.18 (Fishing Industry Control Regulations)
Reference No.: T1905051000101Agriculture No.378
Reference No.: T1905051700201Ledger of State-Owned Land / Takeshima
Reference No.: T1905052000401Application for a Sea Lion Hunting Permit
Reference No.: T1905052000601Notification (Joint sea lion hunting venture in Takeshima)
Reference No.: T1905060100102Liancourt Rocks
Reference No.: T1905060500101Shimane Prefecture Agriculture No.1926
Reference No.: T1905060500201Shimane Prefecture Agriculture No.1927
Reference No.: T1905060500301Agriculture No.828
Reference No.: T1905061200101Notification of Representative
Reference No.: T1905061300101Notice of Establishment of the Takeshima Fishing and Hunting Limited Partnership Company
Reference No.: T1905062900102Reader's Contribution to Yomiuri Shimbun Regarding the Name of Takeshima (June 1905)
Reference No.: T1905070400101Sasebo Naval District Confidential No.7-49
Reference No.: T1905071000102Editorial from the Yomiuri Shimbun (newspaper) regarding the name Takeshima (July 1905)
Reference No.: T1905072200101Public Health No.706
Reference No.: T1905072500101Acknowledgement (Measures to clean the Takeshima sea lion hunting grounds)
Reference No.: T1905072600101(Otsu) Public Health No.26
Reference No.: T1905080500102Meeting to discuss Takeshima visit (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1905082200102Governor Matsunaga's research visit to Takeshima (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1905083000102Oki news (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1905103000101Business results of Takeshima sea lion hunting in 1905
Reference No.: T1905103000201Takeshima sea lion hunting business performance charts 1905
Reference No.: T1906000000101Nautical Chart "Main Part of Japan and Korea"
Reference No.: T1906000000103Daikan Chishi (Daehan Jiji (Geography of the Korean Empire))
Reference No.: T1906030100101Shimane Prefectural Ordinance No.8 (Regulations on the Assessment of Prefectural Taxes)
Reference No.: T1906030300101Commerce No.157
Reference No.: T1906031000101General Affairs No.81
Reference No.: T1906031600102Recipients of invitation on the Takeshima trip (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906032400102Takeshima trip delayed (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906032800102News of the Takeshima party (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906033100102Notes on the Takeshima research trip (Saigo, Oki) (Asahi Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906033100202Takeshima party departs from Saigo (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906040100102Souvenirs of Takeshima (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906040300102Takeshima Travel Diary (1) (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906040600102Takeshima Travel Diary (2) (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906040600202Report from Sakai (On an inspection tour of Takeshima by Shimane Prefecture) (Inpaku Jiho (newspaper))
Reference No.: T1906040800102Takeshima Travel Diary (3) (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906041000102Takeshima Travel Diary (4) (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906041200102Takeshima Travel Diary (5) (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906043000201Request for Lease of State-Owned Land
Reference No.: T1906060700102Takeshima report now complete (San'in Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1906070100103Monthly Journal of Daikan-Jikyo-Kai (Taehan Chaganghoe (the Korean Self-Strengthening Society))
Reference No.: T1906070200101Shimane Prefecture Land No.2034
Reference No.: T1906090100103Sights of Shimane Prefecture
Reference No.: T1907051600101Shimane Prefecture Oki Island Statistical Report 1905
Reference No.: T1907062800101Application for a Sea Lion Hunting Permit
Reference No.: T1907071000101Agriculture No.1020
Reference No.: T1908052700102A craggy island in the Sea of Japan (Hochi Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1908063000101Shimane Prefectural Ordinance No.48 (Fisheries Control Regulations)
Reference No.: T1908072000101Company Vessel Shipwreck Report
Reference No.: T1908080000101Original Record of Longitude and Latitude Measurement
Reference No.: T1908080000201"Chart of the Longitude and Latitude Vol. 3" from 1908 to 1913
Reference No.: T1909000000101Matsue
Reference No.: T1909000000103Takeshima (oil painting, photographic data)
Reference No.: T1909051200101Shimane Prefecture Oki Island Statistical Report 1907