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Takeshima Travel Diary (5) (San'in Shimbun)

Takeshima consists of two large islands. One of them is 400 shaku (about 120m) high, the other about 260 shaku (about 80m). The taller of the two is simply impossible to climb, but the smaller one has a beach consisting largely of shingle on its western side. Fishing boats usually moor here. A small shack measuring 2 ken (about 4m) square stands on top of the shingle. A ladder has been stretched over the rocks to the south of the shack, and we had to use it in order to climb the mountain. There was no path that could be described as such. After climbing about 20 ken (about 40m) there was a sheer cliff, and on looking down, I saw seawater raging below, turning in a vortex of billowing waves. To cross it, one would walk over a log bridge measuring 2 ken (about 4m) to reach the rock on the other side. One other person went with me, and the color of his face was as gray as ash. In the end, we went back without crossing. For after crossing this outlandish bridge, who knows what happen if we headed for more dangerous place.

Document title Takeshima Travel Diary (5) (San'in Shimbun)
Date created (Western calendar) April 12, 1906
Date created (Japanese era) April 12, Meiji 39
Author(s) / Editor(s) A traveler
Publisher San'in Shimbun Co.
Name of publication San'in Shimbun
Content A travel diary written by a participant in the Takeshima research trip. Part 5 describes the topography and natural environment of Takeshima's two islands, as well as other aspects such as a hazardous climb on the islands' mountains. The author also states that rough seas caused party to seek refuge on the island of Ulleungdo, where they disembarked at Jeodong.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository Shimane Prefectural Library (Japanese Only)New Window
Medium Microfilm
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Reference No. T1906041200102
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