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Sasebo Naval District Confidential No.7-49

This causes difficulty in terms of hygiene, as we employ personnel as necessary for building work in this District. Therefore, your prefecture is hereby requested to issue strict notification to those going out to hunt in future, to the effect that they should not leave [carcasses] discarded on the shore but should take them far out to sea in the direction indicated on the attached map and discard them there. Moreover, those currently undertaking operations should be notified of the above as a matter of urgency.

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Document title Sasebo Naval District Confidential No.7-49
Date created (Western calendar) July 4, 1905
Date created (Japanese era) July 4, Meiji 38
Author(s) / Editor(s) Commanding Officer Samejima, Sasebo Naval District
Publisher Sasebo Naval District
Name of publication Takeshima
Content A copy of a document in which the Commanding Officer of the Sasebo Naval District admonishes Shimane Prefecture over the unhygienic practice of discarding skinned sea lion carcasses on the shore, and instructs that strict guidance should be given to sea lion hunters.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository Shimane Prefecture Public Records Center (Japanese Only)New Window
Medium Paper
Copies 2 pages
Reference No. T1905070400101
How to access Follow the licensing procedure at Shimane Prefecture Public Records Center. A reproduction may be viewed in the Takeshima Reference Room.