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Reference No. Document title
Reference No.: S1893000000103Ryukyu Yaeyama Islands Survey Appendix
Reference No.: S1894050000103Exploration of Southern Islands
Reference No.: S1894090000103Journal of the Fisheries Society of Japan No.147 Okinawa Prefecture Fisheries Survey
Reference No.: S1895090000103Journal of the Fisheries Society of Japan No.151 Okinawa Prefecture Sakishima Fisheries Survey
Reference No.: S1908100000103Japan Hydrographic Charts (Nansei Islands & Taiwan Pascadores Islands Vol.2 Part 2)
Reference No.: S1922060600101Official Gazette (June 6, 1922) Mining Matters Prospecting permit refused Kita Kojima Island / Minami Kojima Island
Reference No.: S1933020000103Local Geography of Okinawa Prefecture 1933
Reference No.: S1934080000103Journal of Geography vol.46 No.546 Reports on Geoscience of the Ryukyu Islands
Reference No.: S1941030000103Hydrographic Charts of Taiwan and the Nansei Islands
Reference No.: S1941040000103Collecting and Breeding Vol.03 No.04 (April 1941)
"Exploring the Senkaku Islands"
Reference No.: S1948011500101[Operations: Gunnery and Bombing Ranges (Supersession of the 1st Air Division Regulation 55-8)]
Reference No.: S1948040900101[Designation of Permanent Danger Areas by the U.S. military command in Ryukyu]
Reference No.: S1948040900201[The Following Are Permanent Danger Areas Used By the 1st Air Division]
Reference No.: S1948052500101Special Notice No.1 Permanent danger zones (Gazette of the Provisional Government for the Northern Ryukyu Islands No.35 May 25, 1948)
Reference No.: S1948072700101Danger Areas
Reference No.: S1953010000101Government of the Ryukyu Islands (GRI) Meteorological Observatory / Work Log (FY1953 General Affairs)
Reference No.: S1954111000101Summary Description of Yaeyama Islands (No.9 FY1953)
Reference No.: S1954120000103Topographic maps
1: 250,000 Iriomote-jima NG 51-15
Reference No.: S1954120000203Topographic maps / Japan / 1: 250,000 Miyako-jima NG 51-16
Reference No.: S1955000000101Far East Weather Maps (FY1955 edition)
Reference No.: S1955030500101Minutes of the fifth meeting (Extraordinary Session), [Resolution No. 15, Daisan Seitoku-maru: March 5, 1955 by Kisaburo ŌWAN, Typography]
Reference No.: S1955050000101Petition [May 1955]
Reference No.: S1955061600101Case of the Daisan Seitoku-Maru
Reference No.: S1956010400101Case of the Daisan Seitoku-Maru
Reference No.: S1956021500103Iheiya Village Record
Reference No.: S1956090000103[(Whole Map of) TAIWAN PROVINCE]
Reference No.: S1957000000103Ryukyu Fisheries Research Institute / Operations Report / FY1956
Reference No.: S1958000000103Ryukyu Fisheries Research Institute / Operations Report / FY1957
Reference No.: S1959000000103Ryukyu Fisheries Research Institute / Operations Report / FY1958
Reference No.: S1960000000103Ryukyu Fisheries Research Institute / Operations Report / FY1959
Reference No.: S1964050000101Yaeyama Handbook May 1964
Reference No.: S1966000000103A GAZETTEER OF THE RYUKYU ISLANDS
Reference No.: S1967000000101FY1967 / Documents on Fishing Permits (Reportion Coral Production)
Reference No.: S1967060000101Fisheries Promotion Support Projects FY1967 Fishery Resource Survey (Map of bonito fishing grounds in Ryukyu coastal waters)
Reference No.: S1968000000101On the inquiry on documents concerning the establishment of a Structural Improvement Plan for Coastal Fisheries 1968
Reference No.: S1968070100101Schedule for Okinawa Research of Daisuke TAKAOKA, a specialist member of the consultative committee for the Okinawa issues
Reference No.: S1968070100201[Letter from the Director-General of the General Affairs Department, requesting consent from Zenji KOGA]
Reference No.: S1968070100301[Letter from the Director-General of the General Affairs Bureau, to the Director-General of the Bureau of International Trade and Industry, Government of the Ryukyu Islands]
Reference No.: S1968070100401Staff dispatch for the Senkaku Islands research (Request)
Reference No.: S1968070200101[Zenji KOGA’s reply (acceptance) to the letter requesting consent to conduct research on the Senkaku Islands by Daisuke TAKAOKA]
Reference No.: S1968070300101[Staff dispatch for the Senkaku Islands research (University of the Ryukyus)]
Reference No.: S1970080000101[Preliminary Report of the FY1971 First Bonito Fishing Ground Survey]
Reference No.: S1971032600101[Implementation of the joint comprehensive academic research on the Senkaku Islands]
Reference No.: S1971070000103Senkaku Islands Scientific Survey Report July 1971
Reference No.: S1972051500101Comprehensive map of Okinawa Prefecture
Reference No.: S1989000000101[1. Security and Rescue Operations]