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[Designation of Permanent Danger Areas by the U.S. military command in Ryukyu]

0830 April 9
Commanding Officer, Transportation Service
Deputy Commander, Military Government
To: Governor of Okinawa
1. The followings are permanent danger areas by the 1st Air Division:
a. Range Number 1: 25° 56’ N, 123° 41’ E (Kobi Sho, within 5 mile radius)
(text omitted)
3. Request the above information be notified to all the relevant personnel under your jurisdiction. (text omitted)

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Document title [Designation of Permanent Danger Areas by the U.S. military command in Ryukyu]
Date created (Western calendar) April 9, 1948
Date created (Japanese era) April 9, Showa 23
Author(s) / Editor(s) [Document Section, Liaison and Public Affairs Division, General Affairs Bureau, Government of the Ryukyu Islands]
Name of publication Correspondence with the U.S. Civil Administration / documents received [1948]
Content This was a notfication given to the Governor of Okinawa (Gunto) from the U.S. military command in Ryukyu, via the deputy commander of the Military Government, dated April 9, 1948. Five areas, including Kobi Sho (Kuba Island of Senkaku Islands), were designated as “permanent danger areas” to be used by the 1st Air Division. It is stated that this notification should be notified to all the relevant personnel, including the governor. The publication also includes an English copy of the original created on the same date. This material was addressed to the Okinawa Gunto Governor, but materials containing similar content were published in the same year, such as the “Rinji Hokubu Nansei Shoto Koho” (an Amami Islands bulletin) on May 25, the “Koho Shin-Miyako” (a Miyako Islands bulletin) on May 27, and the “Yaeyama Times” (a Yaeyama Islands newspaper) on November 1.
Language Japanese
Public access Available to the public
Repository Okinawa Prefectural Archives
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Medium Paper
Copies 1
Reference No. s1948040900101
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