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Documents Classified by Holding Institutions : Others

Reference No. Document title
Reference No.: T1666112000103Materials related to Takeshima and Matsushima found in the "Hikaecho (Memorandum)" of Tottori domain Administration
Reference No.: T1695092100103Materials related to Takeshima and Matsushima found in the Tottori Domain Administration Documents "Goyonin Nikki (Diary)"
Reference No.: T1828000000103Takeshima Study (I & II)
Reference No.: T1837000000103A book-type document to ensure the recognition of the Proclamation by the Shogunate / Higashi-Hachiura
Reference No.: T1837000000203Wooden Noticeboard of the Ban on Sailing for Takeshima
Reference No.: T1868020000103Takeshima Tokai Yurai-ki Nukigaki (Excerpts from the Record of Origins of Sailing for Takeshima)
Reference No.: T1876000000101The matter of Matsushima by Koki WATANABE, Draft copy
Reference No.: T1895000000103Map of Matsushima
Reference No.: T1896000000101Nautical Chart No. 21 "CHŌSEN ZENGAN (COAST OF KOREA)"
Reference No.: T1904000000101Shimaki No. 5
Reference No.: T1906000000101Nautical Chart "Main Part of Japan and Korea"
Reference No.: T1906040600202Report from Sakai (On an inspection tour of Takeshima by Shimane Prefecture) (Inpaku Jiho (newspaper))
Reference No.: T1908080000101Original Record of Longitude and Latitude Measurement
Reference No.: T1908080000201"Chart of the Longitude and Latitude Vol. 3" from 1908 to 1913
Reference No.: T1909000000103Takeshima (oil painting, photographic data)
Reference No.: T1913112100103Suisan Bunko Extra Edition / Sea Creatures' Skin Tanning Method
Reference No.: T1920050500103Sea lion hunting license, Takeshima land use permit
Reference No.: T1933090000103Shimane Prefecture Fisheries Map
Reference No.: T1934000000101List of Shimane Prefectural Mercantile Marine and Fisheries School
Reference No.: T1934062600102Mackerel fishing ground survey / Tottori Maru sets off (Inpaku Jiho [newspaper])
Reference No.: T1934082000103Tottori Prefecture Fisheries Research Institute Operations for FY1932 & FY1933
Reference No.: T1946021300101Meeting with Headquarters regarding Administrative Separation
Reference No.: T1949110500101Hydrographic Publication of the Northwest Coast of Honshu
Reference No.: T1952042800101Chapter II Territory, Article 2, item (a), Treaty of Peace with Japan
Reference No.: T1954010100102Patrol around Takeshima in the face of the illegally established Syngman Rhee Line (Nihonkai Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1954040100103DOK-TO ISLANDS
Reference No.: T1954053000103Photos taken when "Daisen", the research vessel of the Tottori Prefecture Fisheries Research Institute, approached Takeshima for a survey on May 30th, 1954
Reference No.: T1954053100102Our Journalist Landed on Takeshima
51 Koreans Remained
Catching Seaweed along with Women (Nishinihon Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1954060300102Record of Landing on Takeshima: Focal Point of the Sea of Japan
Markers Pulled Up
All Traces of Early Pioneers Had Gone (Nihonkai Shimbun)
Reference No.: T1954061000102First postwar fishing in Takeshima (Oki Koronsha)
Reference No.: T1954061000202First fishing to Takeshima since the end of WWII (Oki Kōron [journal])
Reference No.: T1955000000101Introduction to the Dokdo Issue
Chapter 1: Historical Review of Dokdo, Section 2
Reference No.: T1955030000103Shimane Prefecture Fisheries Research Institute Operations Report FY1942-53
Reference No.: T19580500001031953-1956 Survey Report for Development of Tsushima Warm Current
Reference No.: T1963030100103Pacific Saury in the Sea of Japan
Reference No.: T1964060600102Conference of Municipal Council Leaders from Five Chugoku Prefectures / Talks on the Takeshima petition (Oki Koronsha)