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Documents Classified by Holding Institutions : National Archives of Japan

Reference No. Document title
Reference No.: T1530000000101"Hachido-sozu (Map of the Eight Provinces of Korea (Paldo-chongdo)," "Tō-ran zu (Attached Map of the Survey of Geography of Korea)"
Reference No.: T1530000000201"Shinzo Togoku Yochi Shoran (Sinjeung Dungguk Yeoji Seungram (The Revised and Augmented Edition of the Survey of the Geography of Korea))"
Reference No.: T1767000000103Map of Eight Provinces of Chōsen (Joseon)
Reference No.: T1767000000203Complete Sketch Map of Chōsen (Joseon)
Reference No.: T1830000000103On the matter of the sailing for Takeshima, an island which Chōsen (Joseon) possesses
Reference No.: T1849000000103Takeshima Zusetsu (description with pictures)
Reference No.: T1872000000103"Hachido-sozu (Map of the Eight Provinces of Korea (Paldo-chongdo))"
Reference No.: T1872000000203Map of Gangwon Province
Reference No.: T1878000000101Nautical Chart No. 95 "Comprehensive Map of Japan’s Coasts"
Reference No.: T1882000000101Article on Takeshima
Reference No.: T1883040000101Vol. 2 "Kan-ei Hydrographic Publication"
Reference No.: T1891000000101Nautical Chart No. 95 "JAPAN HONSHŪ KYUSHŪ AND SHIKOKU AND PART OF THE KOREA"
Reference No.: T1905000000101The uninhabited island, located 85 nautical miles northwest of Oki Island, would be named Takeshima and it would come under the jurisdiction of Director of the Oki Island branch office of the Shimane Prefectural Government.
Reference No.: T1909000000101Matsue