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Map of Eight Provinces of Chōsen (Joseon)

"Uzan Island (Usando)" is located at the peninsula-side of Uldo (*Utsuryo Island (Ulleungdo)).

Document title Map of Eight Provinces of Chōsen (Joseon)
Date created (Western calendar) after 1767
Date created (Japanese era) after Meiwa 4
Author(s) / Editor(s)
Name of publication
Content Copy of a complete map of Chōsen (Joseon) drawn during the Kingdom of Chōsen (Joseon era).
Formerly owned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Colored copy drawn with a brush.
Marked with place names and roads in Chōsen (Joseon). Uzan Island (Usando) is located at the west side of Uldo (Utsuryo Island (Ulleungdo)).(From its geographical location, it is clear that Uzan Island (Usando) is not the present-day Takeshima). This contradicts the South Korean claim that Usando is Takeshima.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository National Archives of JapanNew Window
Medium Paper
Copies 2 pages
Reference No. T1767000000103
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