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Takeshima Zusetsu (description with pictures)

There is an island about 160km north of Nishi-jima of Matsushima, Oki Province. It is called Takeshima. (Nishi-jima is a small island attached to Matsushima, and local people call it "Tsugi-jima").

Document title Takeshima Zusetsu (description with pictures)
Date created (Western calendar) 1849
Date created (Japanese era) Kaei 2
Author(s) / Editor(s) Kensaku KANAMORI
Name of publication
Content A material in which the phrase "Matsushima of Oki Province" appears. This proves that "Matsushima (present-day Takeshima)" was recognized as a part of Japanese territory (a part of Oki Province) in the Edo period.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository National Archives of JapanNew Window
Medium Paper
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Reference No. T1849000000103
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