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Ensuring Security of Sea and Airspace Surrounding Japan

In order for the SDF to respond swiftly to various contingencies around Japan, which is surrounded by a vast body of water, it is extremely important to ensure the safety of the country’s territorial seas and airspace through constant, ongoing activities implemented by the SDF, including continuous intelligence-gathering, patrol and surveillance activities in Japan’s territorial seas and airspace.

Surveillance in Waters Surrounding Japan

The MSDF routinely patrols the surrounding waters of Japan using P-3C fixed-wing patrol aircraft to monitor the numerous vessels that sail through those waters. Furthermore, surveillance activities are conducted with the flexible use of destroyers and aircraft as required.
In addition, GSDF coastal surveillance units and MSDF security posts conduct 24-hour surveillance activities in the major sea straits.

【Fixed wing patrol aircraft P-3C】
【Fixed wing patrol aircraft P-3C】

Warning and Emergency Takeoffs (Scrambles) in Preparation against Intrusion of Territorial Airspace

The ASDF conducts daily 24-hour surveillance of Japan’s territorial and adjacent airspace using 28 radar sites nationwide, E-2C early warning aircraft and E-767 early warning and control aircraft. Through this, it is possible to detect and identify aircraft flying close to Japan and, if any aircraft suspected of violating Japan’s territorial airspace is detected, fighters scramble to approach them to confirm the situation and monitor the aircraft as necessary based on Article 84 of the SDF Act.



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