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Commentary on themes by historical period

Classification by historical periods III
From the Cabinet decision to incorporate the Senkaku Islands into Japanese territory until the end of World War II (1895-1945)

(1) Cabinet decision on incorporation of the Senaku Islands into Japanese territory

Cabinet decision to erect territorial markers and incorporate the Senkaku Islands under the jurisdiction of Okinawa Prefecture to regulate fishermen

  On November 2, 1893, Okinawa Prefecture requested to the central government that the hitherto uninhabited Kuba Island and Uotsuri Island be placed under the jurisdiction of Okinawa Prefecture, and that territorial markers be erected on the islands, in view of the need to regulate attempts to engage in fishing activities in recent years, as these islands were recognized as being under its jurisdiction. The Minister of Home Affairs made a request for a Cabinet meeting and submitted “On the matter of erecting markers” (dated January 12)No.19.

 In response to the request submitted by the Minister of Home Affairs, a Cabinet decision was made on January 14 to erect territorial markers on Kuba Island and Uotsuri Island, and to place them under the jurisdiction of Okinawa Prefecture. On January 21, a draft instruction to Okinawa Prefecture was approved by the Prime Minister (Hirobumi ITO)No.20.

Summary: The third application by the Okinawa Prefectural Government was approved by the Central Government, and in 1895, the incorporation of the Senkaku Islands under the jurisdiction of Okinawa Prefecture was finally realized.

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