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Basic Position of the Government of Japan

 There is no doubt that the Senkaku Islands are clearly an inherent part of the territory of Japan, in light of historical facts and based upon international law. Indeed, the Senkaku Islands are under the valid control of Japan.
 There exists no issue of territorial sovereignty to be resolved concerning the Senkaku Islands.
 Japan will act firmly and calmly to maintain its territorial integrity. Japan continues to strive for peace and stability in the region, which is to be established through the observance of international law.

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Commentary on themes by historical period From the report
on the document research project

Classification by historical periods I
The period before Okinawa Prefecture conducted the investigation on the Senkaku Islands in 1885

(1) The Senkaku Islands known to the Ryukyu people

Classification by historical periods II
From the time of the investigation conducted by Okinawa Prefecture, until the incorporation of the Senkaku Islands into Japan’s territory (1885 to 1895)

(1) Investigation of the Senkaku Islands by Okinawa Prefecture, and proposal to the Government for incorporation

(2) Growing activities by citizens on the Senkaku Islands, and repeated proposal from Okinawa Prefecture

(3) Growing economic activities around the Senkaku Islands by people from all quarters, and third application by Okinawa Prefecture

Classification by historical periods III
From the Cabinet decision to incorporate the Senkaku Islands into Japanese territory until the end of World War II (1895-1945)

(1) Cabinet decision on incorporation of the Senaku Islands into Japanese territory

(2) Valid control of the Senkaku Islands

(3) Survey of the Senkaku Islands

(4) Development of the Senkaku Islands

Classification by historical periods IV
Post-WWII period until the emergence of developments leading to the Okinawa reversion (from 1945 to the end of the 1960s)

(1) Senkaku Islands under U.S administration

(2) Kuba Island and Taisho Island designated as gunnery and bombing ranges

(3) Daisan Seitoku-maru Incident

(4) Senkaku Islands under the jurisdiction of the Ryukyu Police

(5) Academic and scientific surveys

Classification by historical periods V
Developments before and after the Okinawa Reversion (Around 1972)

(1) Countermeasures against illegal entry into the Senkaku Islands

(2) Survey of the Senkaku Islands and surrounding waters by the Japanese Government

(3) Okinawa Reversion

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