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Commentary on themes by historical period

Classification by historical periods IV
From postwar, until the manifestation of the movement toward the reversion of Okinawa to Japan

(4) Senkaku Islands under the jurisdiction of the Ryukyu Police

Senkaku Islands under the administration of the Ryukyu Police

 Until the reversion of Okinawa to Japan, the Government of the Ryukyu Islands, which was in charge of the administration of the area, dispatched police officers to the Senkaku Islands as requiredNo.57No.58.

 In particular, the frequency of dispatches became greater after 1968 when the possibility of reserves of seabed resources around the Senkaku Islands attracted attention.

  Also, in the Ryukyu Police Statistics for FY1971, the year before the Okinawa reversion, the Senkaku Islands were mentioned as an area under the jurisdiction of Yaeyama Police Station in Okinawa PrefectureNo.59.

Summary: The Ryukyu police had placed the Senkaku Islands under its administration, and exercised policing rights through conducting patrols around the islands.

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