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Documents Classified by Time Period: 1955 - 1959

Reference No. Document title
Reference No.: S1955000000101 Far East Weather Maps (FY1955 edition)
Reference No.: S1955020100102 Mackerel in Uotsuri Island coastal waters (Okinawa Times)
Reference No.: S1955092600102 Bombing exercises at Kobito (Kuba Island) / Sea range to expand (Miyako Mainichi Shimbun)
Reference No.: S1955100500102 Firing exercises on Kobito (Kuba Island) / US military from the 10th (Miyako Mainichi Shimbun)
Reference No.: S1955112300102 Bombing exercises again on Kobito (Kuba Island) (Miyako Mainichi Shimbun)
Reference No.: S1956021500103 Iheiya Village Record
Reference No.: S1956042200102 Keep out of firing ranges / Tighter controls on scrap hunting (Okinawa Times)
Reference No.: S1957010500102 Coastal fishing grounds (1) Oceanic front between warm and cold currents (Okinawa Times)