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Mackerel in Uotsuri Island coastal waters (Okinawa Times)

Mackerel in Uotsuri Island coastal waters
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In coastal waters of the Ryukyu Islands, the warm Kuroshio current shows temperatures upwards of 23 degrees. It extends northeast along the west coast of the Yaeyamas and heads north to the west of Okinawa. Coastal water from the continent (cold water) heads south near 20°30' N, 124°30' E at temperatures of 20 degrees or less, then turns east-northeast from Uotsuri Island to form two oceanic fronts.
For this reason, the area around the oceanic front extending east-northeast from Uotsuri Island is considered ideal as fishing grounds; numerous migrations of mysid shrimp as bait have been discovered in surveys. Although there have so far been no reports of mackerel surfacing west of Okinawa as the water temperature is too low, the Fisheries Section is also urging fishing operations to be conducted near Uotsuri Island in future.

Document title Mackerel in Uotsuri Island coastal waters (Okinawa Times)
Date created (Western calendar) February 1, 1955
Date created (Japanese era) February 1, Showa 30
Author(s) / Editor(s)
Publisher Okinawa Times
Name of publication Okinawa Times
Content A report by an Okinawan participant in a survey of mackerel fishing grounds, conducted by the Tsuru Maru research vessel of the Nagasaki Prefecture Fisheries Experimental Station. Mackerel fishing grounds are located in seas ranging to the east-northeast from the vicinity of Uotsuri Island.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
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Medium Paper, microfilm reproduction
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