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Iheiya Village Record

Iheiya Village Record

After that, a group of young men accustomed to fishing would travel to Yaeyama every summer to work in the bonito fishery. They formed a village fishery cooperative in 1921. This enabled them to build a gasoline-powered fishing boat in the village district of Jitchaku and work in the bonito fishery. At the same time, Nerome Goro and 14 others from the district of Maedomari had gone to the Senkaku Islands in 1912 and worked in the bonito fishery there, achieving considerable success before returning home.

Document title Iheiya Village Record
Date created (Western calendar) February 15, 1956
Date created (Japanese era) February 15, Showa 31
Author(s) / Editor(s) Aragaki Heihachi / Moromi Seikichi
Publisher Iheiya Village Office
Name of publication Iheiya Village Record
Content In 1912, migrant workers from Iheiya Island went to the Senkaku Islands to work in bonito fisheries.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository Okinawa Prefectural ArchivesNew Window
Medium Paper / Booklet
Copies 8
Reference No. S1956021500103
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