I   Organization Charts(PDF)
  II   Organization and Functions of the Executive Branch
      |--- Cabinet(PDF)
      |--- Cabinet Office(PDF)
      |--- Reconstruction Agency(PDF)
      |--- Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(PDF)
      |--- Ministry of Justice(PDF)
      |--- Ministry of Foreign Affairs(PDF)
      |--- Ministry of Finance(PDF)
      |--- Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(PDF)
      |--- Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare(PDF)
      |--- Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries(PDF)
      |--- Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(PDF)
      |--- Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism(PDF)
      |--- Ministry of the Environment(PDF)
      |--- Ministry of Defense(PDF)
      |--- Board of Audit(PDF)
  III   List of Councils(PDF)
  IV   List of Incorporated Administrative Agencies(PDF)
  V   List of Public Corporations(PDF)
  VI   Distribution of Full-Time Personnel of the National Government by Major programs(PDF)
      |--- 1 Fundamental Structure of the Government of Japan(PDF)
      |--- 2 The National Administrative Organization of Japan(PDF)
      |--- 3 The Constitution of Japan(Extract)(PDF)
      |--- 4 Cabinet Act(Extract)(PDF)
      |--- 5 National Government Organization Act(PDF)
      |--- 6 Directory of Organizations(PDF)