Our Role

CIRO is tasked with collecting and analyzing information on important policies of the Cabinet and reporting them to policymakers to support their decision-making and policy implementation. To fulfill our role, we:

Collect, integrate, analyze, and evaluate information.

We collect information from various sources including publications, Information-Gathering Satellites, and outside experts and conduct analysis of domestic and international affairs. We also serves as the coordinator of the intelligence community (IC), integrating intelligence provided by other IC member agencies and using them for further analysis from the Cabinet’s perspective.

Report to key decision-makers in the Japanese government.

Intelligence that requires attention by the leadership will be directly reported to the Prime Minister and other senior officials by the Director of Cabinet Intelligence.

Coordinate with relevant agencies.

We are in charge of holding the Cabinet Intelligence Committee and the Joint Intelligence Committee, which are responsible for integrating intelligence derived from members of the intelligence community and conducting comprehensive evaluation and analysis. We also coordinate interaction between senior policymakers and relevant intelligence agencies.

Integrate and promptly report information in cases of emergency.

In cases of emergency such as large-scale natural disasters, information provided by relevant ministries and other partners are integrated at the Situation Center of the Cabinet to keep senior officials updated.