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Progress of Exercising Fishing Rights in Takeshima

While joint fishing rights have been granted for Takeshima, there have been few cases of the exercise of fishing rights. Therefore, as the prefectural government will cooperate fully, we would like the Kumi Fishery Cooperative to proceed with harvesting wakame seaweed, as an exercise of fishery rights. We will need 10 fishermen and 3 boats for this. For transportation to and from Takeshima, the prefectural fishery patrol boat Shimakaze will be used. The 8th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters will dispatch 5 patrol boats for protection, so I think there will be no danger.

Document title Progress of Exercising Fishing Rights in Takeshima
Date created (Western calendar) 1954
Date created (Japanese era) Showa 29
Author(s) / Editor(s) Satoshi Wakita
Name of publication
Content A report made by Mr. Satoshi Wakita, President of the Kumi Fishery Cooperative, on the exercise of fishing rights in Takeshima in May 1954. It states that 11 fishermen from Kumi had gone to Takeshima on the Shimane Prefecture fishery patrol boat "Shimakaze", carrying three smaller boats, and that they had collected wakame seaweed and abalone there.
Language Japanese
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Medium Paper
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Reference No. T1954000000103
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