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Koreans land on "Takeshima" (Mainichi Shimbun)

Arrive in 10 ships
Start of the full-fledged Fishery
Discovered by Shimane fisheries research vessel
[Matsue] The Shimane Prefecture fisheries research vessel Shimane Maru (63 tons), currently investigating the Tsushima Warm Current, has discovered that South Koreans have already landed and are fishing in "Takeshima", the islands off Shimane Prefecture that are subject to a complex dispute between Japan and South Korea regarding the attribution of territorial sovereignty. The area around the islands has been touted as a treasure trove of the sea, but the vessel has also revealed, as a result of test trawls, that is in fact surprisingly unproductive. In view of the above, the prefecture's Fishery, Commerce and Industry Bureau has reported on the situation to the Fisheries Agency.

Document title Koreans land on "Takeshima" (Mainichi Shimbun)
Date created (Western calendar) May 31, 1953
Date created (Japanese era) May 31, Showa 28
Author(s) / Editor(s)
Publisher The Mainichi Newspapers (Shimbun Shiryo Shuppan Ltd.)
Name of publication Mainichi Shimbun, Osaka Morning Edition (Historical Chronicle of Showa Period Newspapers, 1953 Edition III)
Content This article reports that, according to an investigation by the Shimane Prefecture fisheries research ship Shimane Maru, South Koreans had already landed on Takeshima and were engaged in fishing operations there. It also mentions that, although the area around Takeshima had been touted as a treasure trove of the sea, the results of test trawls suggested otherwise.
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