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Takeshima Travel Journal

Thanks to the goodwill of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, we had an opportunity to travel to the isolated islands of Takeshima in the Sea of Japan, now receiving attention due to their reversion to Japan with the signing of the Peace Treaty this autumn.
November 18th, 1951
Vessel used Asanagi Maru (16 tons) / Training ship of the Fisheries Department, Sakai Senior High School
Trip participants Sakai Senior High School Fukuura Yuji, Captain, Asanagi Maru
Kageyama Jiro, Chief Engineer
Akitoshi Yonezawa, Sailor
Yoshioka Hiroshi, Teacher

Asahi Shimbun Reporter Terao, Local News Department
Photographer Nojiri, Photography Department, Asahi Shimbun (Osaka)
total 6 in all

Document title Takeshima Travel Journal
Date created (Western calendar) November 18, 1951
Date created (Japanese era) November 18, Showa 26
Author(s) / Editor(s) Yoshioka Hiroshi
Name of publication
Content A journal written when the Asanagi Maru, a training ship belonging to the Fisheries Department of Sakai Senior High School in Tottori Prefecture, went for a research trip to Takeshima together with reporters from the Asahi Shimbun to conduct a "Survey on the Ecology of Sea Lions, etc." The party arrived on November 14, 1951, soon after Japan's sovereignty over Takeshima had been made official following the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty. Several photographs also survive. The author was a teacher at Sakai Senior High School at the time. An article on the trip was also printed in the Society pages of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper on November 24th, 1951.
Language Japanese
Public access Closed
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Medium Paper
Copies 12 pages
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