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Shimane Prefectural Ordinance No.54 (Fisheries Control Regulations)

Article 15 Harvesting of aquatic animals and plants shall be prohibited in the areas set forth on the left (below) as marine preserves.
(part omitted)
(5) Takeshima (Prefectural Notice No.40 of February 1905) and the areas of surrounding territory shown within the red lines in Figure 5 hereto attached, provided however that this shall not apply to sea lion hunting.

Document title Shimane Prefectural Ordinance No.54 (Fisheries Control Regulations)
Date created (Western calendar) December 30, 1911
Date created (Japanese era) December 30, Meiji 44
Author(s) / Editor(s) Takaoka Tadayoshi (Governor of Shimane Prefecture)
Name of publication Shimane Prefectural Ordinance 1911
Content A new chapter on the protection of fisheries was added when the Fisheries Control Regulations were completely rewritten. Under Article 15, all harvesting of marine species (both plant and animal) except sea lion hunting was prohibited on Takeshima and in surrounding waters. Maps showing the prohibited areas are attached.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository Shimane Prefecture Public Records Center (Japanese Only)New Window
Medium Paper
Copies 5 pages
Reference No. T1911123000101
How to access Follow the licensing procedure at Shimane Prefecture Public Records Center. A reproduction may be viewed in the Takeshima Reference Room.