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Global Startup Campus Initiative

The world is facing a range of global issues, including climate change, environmental pollution, infectious disease and demographic aging.

In order to solve these deeply rooted social issues and transform them into a driving force for economic growth, the Government of Japan aims to foster research into deep tech and the creation of new startups under the Global Startup Campus (GSC) Initiative.

In and after fiscal 2028, as a flagship base for the GSC Initiative, the Government of Japan will establish a center of knowledge and resources in central Tokyo spread across Shibuya and Meguro Wards, where outstanding researchers, entrepreneurs and investors will be invited to come from around the world.

Through the seamless implementation of the entire process from initial R&D through to practical real-world application, the Government of Japan aims to spawn Japanese startups that will eventually thrive on a global scale.

To give the world a brighter future, the center will provide next-generation leaders in innovation from Japan and around the world with a place where they can freely explore the full range of their talents, unshackled from conventional expectations and organizational rules.

Ecosystem Attracting People from around the World

The center for the GSC Initiative will specialize in the field of deep tech and will seamlessly support the entire process from R&D through to commercialization and business development. Based on the advanced results gained through joint research conducted between Japanese institutions including universities and top-level overseas research institutes, the center will give birth to game-changing startups that will reorder the industrial structure and propel social reforms.

While giving rise to Japan-based startups that will address global challenges, the center will collaborate with other startup support bases located in and outside Japan to build in the country a new global innovation ecosystem that will garner worldwide attention.

Innovation Ecosystem

World’s top-level research environment Research and management funds World-class support for entrepreneurs Creating startups that will address global challenges

top-level research environment


At the center for the GSC Initiative, top-class researchers from international research institutions and their counterparts in Japan will conduct joint research in the field of deep tech.


In order to link research results to business activities through the creation of startups, investors and experienced entrepreneurs will be invited to work at the center. English will be used as the official language to facilitate the free exchange of ideas and opinions and ensure that diverse teams and individuals can demonstrate their full potential.


The center will provide a research environment on par with that offered by top-level research facilities abroad and will encourage young researchers with innovative ideas to take the lead on research activities, being freed from existing rules. Diverse personnel will be provided with a comfortable environment in which they can dedicate themselves to their work while at the same time interacting with researchers in different fields, thus allowing them to build interpersonal networks while also fostering the cross-pollination of ideas.

World-class support for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial support

At the center, staff specializing in intellectual property and business support will assist researchers in transforming their research results into viable businesses in collaboration with venture capitalists and venture accelerators. The center will also implement business education programs for entrepreneurs.

Capacity building

Educational programs will be implemented at the center for the development of global entrepreneurs, including programs for team building, marketing, finance and patent application.


The center will help entrepreneurs to build global innovation ecosystem communities and interdisciplinary communities in and outside Japan, thereby providing them with opportunities to form partnerships and others.

Research and management funds


The Government of Japan has allocated a budget of roughly 64 billion yen over a period of around 10 years to research and innovation to be promoted under the Global Startup Campus Initiative, with a view to establishing a sustainable research management system that will extend well into the future.


Researchers engaging in activities with genuine business potential will be supported to form strategic partnerships with companies in the private sector by concluding sponsorship agreements.


A separate fund sourced from donations and the like will be managed to earn profits that will be used to fund research activities.

Transforming Society through
Deep Tech Research

For the solution of a range of issues facing the world, including infectious disease, demographic aging and global warming, research in the fields of deep tech, such as the following areas, will be the main focus of the GSC Project.


In this field, researchers are working to elucidate the mechanisms of life, including those of genes and cells, for the development of new products. It is a field that is key to solving a wide variety of issues, such as those related to medical treatment, agriculture and environmental conservation.

Climate tech

Researchers in this field are striving to understand the factors causing global warming and to develop countermeasures. A broad range of research targets is addressed in this field, including climate modeling, development of renewable energy sources, and decarbonization technologies.

AI & robotics

The focus of this field is the development of machines and systems that can think and act autonomously based on advanced machine learning algorithms. Research results in this field can be utilized not only for manufacturing but also for disaster countermeasures and environmental monitoring.

Our Goal

Create startups based on as-yet undeveloped technologies that will transform society


The Global Startup Campus Initiative is a national project to enhance support for startups, which is one of the pillars set by the Government of Japan in its economic policy to pursue a new form of capitalism. The Initiative is intended to help Japan recover and enhance its competitiveness, which has weakened substantially over the past 30 years, and foster the launch of new businesses to create a business boom reminiscent of the postwar period, thereby revitalizing the Japanese economy.

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Global Startup Campus Initiative
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