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Takeshima in old times is present-day Utsuryo Island (Ulleungdo) (Yomiuri Shimbun)

The basis of possession - Announcement by the Government

The Government of Japan announced "the Opinion of the Government of Japan concerning Takeshima" at 11:30 morning on 14th. This testifies that "Takeshima is Japanese territory" from the both sides of historical facts and legal basis against the accumulated invasion of Takeshima by South Korea. The main points are as follows.

- Historical fact: Firstly, the island known as Takeshima or Iso-Takeshima in old times is Utsuryo Island (Ulleungdo), however, present-day Takeshima used to be called Matsushima. This is clear from both of old documents and maps of Japan side and old documents of Korea side. However, since Philip von Siebold mistook Utsuryo Island (Ulleungdo) for Matsushima in the Map of Japan in 1840, even in Japan, people mistook to recognize Utsuryo Island (Ulleungdo) as Matsushima, then, Matsushima in old times has changed its name to Takeshima.

Document title Takeshima in old times is present-day Utsuryo Island (Ulleungdo) (Yomiuri Shimbun)
Date created (Western calendar) July 14, 1953
Date created (Japanese era) July 14, Showa 28
Author(s) / Editor(s)
Publisher Yomiuri Shimbun Group Head Office (Shimbun Shiryo Shuppan Ltd.)
Name of publication Yomiuri Shimbun Evening Edition (Historical Chronicle of Showa Period Newspapers 1953 vol. IV)
Content Reports that, as people come to pay attention to Takeshima due to the shooting incident, the Government of Japan announced the "Opinion of the Government of Japan regarding Takeshima" concerning historical facts, legal basis and others supporting Japan's sovereignty over Takeshima again.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
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