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Request for Continued Lease of State-Owned Land

(1) Designation for continued use of land: Takeshima, Oki Province
Island acreage 23 chō 3 tan 3 sebu (approx. 231 km²)
(2) Purpose of continued use:
Establishing methods to propagate and protect sea lions and … land features (rest omitted)
(3) Duration of continued use:
5 years from April 1, 1926 to March 31, 1931

Document title Request for Continued Lease of State-Owned Land
Date created (Western calendar) March 19, 1926
Date created (Japanese era) March 19, Taisho 15
Author(s) / Editor(s) Representative Employee, Takeshima Fishing and Hunting Limited Partnership
Name of publication Public Relations Compilation (Takeshima Compilation) FY1953
Content A request to continue the lease of state-owned land, filed by Nakai Yozaburo to Beppu Sotaro, Governor of Shimane Prefecture. Duration: 5 years from April 1926 to March 1931. A handwritten transcript.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
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Medium Paper
Copies 1 page
Reference No. T1926031900101
How to access Copy available for public perusal in the Takeshima Reference Room.