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A Complete Map of Ryukyu

Complete map of Ryukyu (2)
Yaeyama Gunto>The Senkaku Islands>Uotsuri Island, Kitakojima Island, Minamikojima Island, Tobise Island, Okinokitaiwa Island, Okinominamiiwa Island, Kobi-Shō (Kuba Island), Sekibi-Shō (Taisho Island)

Document title A Complete Map of Ryukyu
Date created (Western calendar) April, 1958
Date created (Japanese era) April, Showa 33
Author(s) / Editor(s) Ed. Kosei AKAMINE
Publisher Ryukyu Bunkyo Tosho
Name of publication
Content One sheet of complete map of Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa Prefecture). Okinawa main Island and the surrounding islands are drawn in the front page, and Sakishima Islands (Miyako Islands, Yaeyama Islands) are drawn in the back page. The Senkaku Islands are included in the part of Yaeyama Islands. From Kagoshima Prefecture in the south of Kyushu, to Tokara Islands, Amami Islands, Ryukyu Islands, and northern part of Taiwan are also drawn. The geographical border of Ryukyu Islands including the Senkaku Islands is outlined by red line.
A map with a scale of 1:150,000.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository Okinawa Prefectural Library (Japanese Only)New Window
Medium Paper/Map
Copies 10
Reference No. S1958040000103
Reference & information Follow the instruction at the Okinawa Prefectural Library