Provocative acts by Chinese government and other vessels in the surrounding waters of the Senkaku Islands

In 1992, when China enacted the “Law on the Territorial Sea and the Contiguous Zone”, it stipulated that the Senkaku Islands were part of China’s territory. In addition to that, in 2012, China made a statement which promulgated the territorial sea baseline of Uotsuri Island and its surrounding islands. Furthermore, in 2013, China unilaterally designated the airspace above the East China Sea as the “Air Defense Identification Zone”, suggesting that airspace above the Senkaku Islands was the territory of China.
Since 2008, Chinese government ships have been dispatched to the waters off the Senkaku Islands on a continuous basis. They engaged in provocative actions against Japan, including by frequently intruding Japanese territorial seas. Determined to firmly protect Japanese territory, territorial seas and airspace, the Japanese government is responding to such behaviors in a calm and resolute manner, while making a strong protest against China.

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