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Party led by NODA and YAMAKUMA (Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbun [newspaper])

● Party led by NODA and YAMAKUMA

The departure from Naha Port by NODA, YAMAKUMA and other men of the South Seas Expedition was reported in the newspaper the other day. According to a newly arrived report by the Ryukyu Shimpo, the party then arrived safely at Sakishima (text omitted) They appear to have set off for Uotsuri Island, the uninhabited island, on the 30th.

Document title Party led by NODA and YAMAKUMA (Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbun [newspaper])
Date created (Western calendar) October 24, 1893
Date created (Japanese era) October 24, Meiji 26
Author(s) / Editor(s)
Publisher Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbunsha
Name of publication Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbun [newspaper] dated October 24, 1893
Content An article quoted from the Ryukyu Shimpo by the "Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbun", a local newspaper of Kumamoto Prefecture. It relates that a party led by Tadashi NODA, a citizen of Kumamoto Prefecture who aimed to develop new fishing grounds in coastal waters of the Senkaku Islands, departed for Uotsuri Island after arriving at Ishigaki Island.
The background to the article is summarized below. Tadashi NODA, Nobuo YAMAKUMA and other citizens of Kumamoto Prefecture who were members of the Kumamoto Kokkento (National Rights Party) explored the Okinawa Islands from June to July 1893 before returning to Kumamoto. After this, they left Kumamoto in August, and according to "Nanto-Tanken (Southern Islands Expedition)" by Gisuke SASAMORI, arrived at Naha Port on the last day of August, then set sail for the Yaeyama Islands at the beginning of September. The article describes movements after the arrival at Ishigaki Island of Yaeyama.
Language Japanese
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