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Stories of the Drifting [5] (Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbun [newspaper])

● Stories of the Drifting (continued) (*Part 5 (final part))
That night, the two boatmen (text omitted) were fast asleep, when thieves looked in and saw them, they came in and stole everything, including our rice and leather cases. As a result, I had nothing to wear except for one set of shabby clothes, and had no one to turn to as I was alone. I was in a daze and hardly knew what to do. Luckily, however, there was a branch of the Japanese store Rakuzendo, as well as Tokiwa Yōkō (a clothes store) and Dozan-ken (a photography studio) in that place (text omitted) (They) took pity on us.

Document title Stories of the Drifting [5] (Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbun [newspaper])
Date created (Western calendar) October 13, 1893
Date created (Japanese era) October 13, Meiji 26
Author(s) / Editor(s)
Publisher Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbunsha
Name of publication Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbun [newspaper] dated October 13, 1893
Content The 5th (final) part of an interview with Yakita IZAWA, who went to the Senkaku Islands as a migrant worker and was drifted.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository National Diet LibraryNew Window
Medium Microfilm
Copies 1
Reference No. S1893101300102
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