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Stories of the Drifting [1] (Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbun [newspaper])

● Stories of the Drifting (*Part 1)
  It was briefly reported in this newspaper the other day how an adventurer named Yakita IZAWA from Ōaza Sumiyoshi in Amitsu village, Shimo-Mashiki County of this Prefecture encountered a storm at sea while attempting to cross from the Yaeyama Islands to the uninhabited island of Koba Island (*Uotsuri Island) next to Taiwan, and after surviving several life-or-death situations, at last washed ashore at Fujian in China, where luckily his life was saved. Now this fortunate adventurer has recently returned from China to his hometown via Nagasaki, then, arriving in Kumamoto the day before yesterday.

Document title Stories of the Drifting [1] (Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbun [newspaper])
Date created (Western calendar) October 8, 1893
Date created (Japanese era) October 8, Meiji 26
Author(s) / Editor(s)
Publisher Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbunsha
Name of publication Kyushu Nichinichi Shimbun [newspaper] dated October 8, 1893
Content The 1st part of an interview with Yakita IZAWA, who went to the Senkaku Islands as a migrant worker and was drifted.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository National Diet LibraryNew Window
Medium Microfilm
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Reference No. S1893100800102
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