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Documents Classified by Time Period : 1945 - 1949

Reference No. Document title
Reference No.: S1947100300102Collecting bird droppings from the Senkaku Islands (Nansei Shimpo)
Reference No.: S1948052500101Special Notice No.1 Permanent danger zones (Gazette of the Provisional Government for the Northern Ryukyu Islands No.35 May 25, 1948)
Reference No.: S1948052700102Permanent danger zones (Koho Shin-Miyako)
Reference No.: S1948070000103East China Sea Demersal Fish Stock Survey Report, Vol. 3 (1949)
Reference No.: S1948110100102Kobisho (Kuba Island) in the Senkaku Islands becomes a permanent danger zone (Yaeyama Times)
Reference No.: S1949011300102Content of leaflets dropped by aircraft (Miyako Koron)