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Negotiations toward the conclusion of the Peace Treaty

Developments among the Allied Powers


US Draft

 The US circulated its draft to the related nations, which started the full-scale negotiations for the Peace Treaty. In relation to Japan’s territory, the US draft stated simply that Japan shall renounce Korea.

US Draft (citation)

Japan renounces all rights, titles and claims to Korea, Formosa and the Pescadores;

The US communicated to countries concerned of the US recognition that Takeshima had long been recognized as Japanese.

The UK considered that the territorial limits between Japan and Korea should be described slightly further in detail in the Treaty.

April 25, 1951-

US-UK consultations

 The US and the UK, playing a leading role in making peace with Japan, consulted with one another to prepare a joint draft. In these consultations, a draft proposal in which Takeshima was excluded from the Japanese territory was considered (but not adopted).

Proposed draft considered in the US-UK consultations (citation)

Japanese sovereignty shall continue over --- between Korea and the island of Tsushima, continuing in this direction with the islands of Oki-Retto to the south-east and Take Shima to the north-west curving with the coast of Honshu, ---The line above described is plotted on the map attached to the present treaty ---

US-UK consultations

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