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Materials Classified by Holding Institutions: Ishigaki City Library

Reference No. Document title
Reference No.: S1893120000101 Kishaba Family Archive 43 Collected Reports from Sections of the Prefectural Government Corrections to Orders Okinawa Prefectural Notification No.44 "Disappearance of Fishermen Who Traveled to Akon-Kubashima"
Reference No.: S1894050300101 Kishaba Family Archive 37 Collected Documents on General Affairs Part II
Reference No.: S1969000000101 Makino Kiyoshi Series Collection 62 Compilation of Administrative Policies and Government Reports since 1969
Reference No.: S1969000000201 Makino Kiyoshi Series Collection 91 Compilation of Documents on the Senkaku Islands
Reference No.: S1994081700101 Makino Kiyoshi Series Collection 79 Compilation of documents on the Senkaku Islands shipwreck victims