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FY1967 / Documents on Fishing Permits (Reportion Coral Production)


Coral production reports
July production is reported as follows.
Vessel name Shinryo Maru
Days of operation 8
Number of beams used 284
Fishing grounds Location Off Senkaku Islands Name
Production Live 3.75k Dead 0 Polyps 7.5k Total 11.25k

Document title FY1967 / Documents on Fishing Permits (Reportion Coral Production)
Date created (Western calendar) 1967
Date created (Japanese era) Showa 42
Author(s) / Editor(s) Fishery Administration Section, Fisheries Department, Agriculture and Forestry Bureau, Government of the Ryukyu Islands
Name of publication
Content A report on coral production by vessel and by month under license from the Government of the Ryukyu Islands. Among the locations mentioned in connection with fishing grounds are Sekibito (Taisho Island), Kobisho (Kuba Island), Uotsuri Island, and the Senkaku Islands.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository Okinawa Prefectural ArchivesNew Window
Medium Paper
Copies 6
Reference No. S1967000000101
How to access Follow the licensing procedure at Okinawa Prefectural Archives.
Notes Introduces material that includes mention of the Senkaku Islands in the fishing grounds column.