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Senkaku Islands Travelogue (2) (Uruma Shimpo)

Senkaku Islands Travelogue (2) Takara Tetsuo, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (former Principal of Yaeyama Agricultural High School)

Islands full of eggs and birds
(part omitted)
Minami Kojima Island Kita Kojima Island

Minami Kojima Island is 150 meters above sea level and has a circumference of 3.5 kilometers. Kita Kojima Island is 130 meters above sea level and is 3 kilometers in circumference. Both of these islands consist of rocks that jut straight out of the sea and have no trees on them. They're like "Onigashima" in the Momotaro story, or the island where "Gankutsu-O" lives. These islands are usually called "Torishima" or bird islands, and they really are home to many sea birds including terns, albatrosses and gannets. The islands are full of eggs and fish.

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Document title Senkaku Islands Travelogue (2) (Uruma Shimpo)
Date created (Western calendar) September 16, 1950
Date created (Japanese era) September 16, Showa 25
Author(s) / Editor(s) Takara Tetsuo
Publisher Uruma Shimpo Sha
Name of publication Uruma Shimpo Sha
Content The 2nd report on the Senkaku Islands Survey by Takara Tetsuo, appearing in the Uruma Shimpo Sunday Children's Edition. Minami Kojima Island, Kita Kojima Island, Kuba Island.
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository Okinawa Prefectural Library (Japanese Only)New Window
Medium Paper, microfilm reproduction
Copies 1
Reference No. S1950091600102
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