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Mr Koga's achievements in the Ryukyu Islands (5) (Okinawa Mainichi Shimbun)

Mr Koga's achievements in the Ryukyu Islands (5)

Technical designs
Given the favorable results produced by his plan for settlement in the Senkaku Islands, Koga saw a need to develop future projects as his second plan. He would do this by adding technical designs to the nature of the islands, with the aim of removing inconvenience and risks over both sea and land in connection with the transportation, loading and unloading of cargoes, etc. In 1900, Koga finally traveled to the capital, where he explained the situation and outlined his ideas to Dr.Mitsukuri Kakichi, Professor of Science at the Imperial University of Tokyo. The professor showed considerable support for Koga's plan. He recommended Miyajima Mikinosuke, Doctor of Sciences, and Koga decided to entrust him with the technical designs. He also enlisted the help of Kuroiwa Hisashi, a teacher at Okinawa Normal School at the time, to join them in the deliberations. Thus it was that, in May 1900, they traveled together aboard the steamship Eiko Maru (460 tons, owned by Osaka Shosen Inc.) to Kubashima, and under the guidance of these two, designs for local roads were decided as shown on the left (part omitted).
*Kubashima   Common name used at that time for Uotsuri Island.

Document title Mr Koga's achievements in the Ryukyu Islands (5) (Okinawa Mainichi Shimbun)
Date created (Western calendar) January 7, 1910
Date created (Japanese era) January 7, Meiji 43
Author(s) / Editor(s)
Publisher Okinawa Mainichi Shimbunsha
Name of publication Okinawa Mainichi Shimbunsha
Content 5th installment in a series on Mr Koga's achievements in the Ryukyu Islands. (Development of facilities for permanent settlement, difficulties in executing the development, completion of the development)
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository Okinawa Prefectural Library (Japanese Only)New Window
Medium Paper, microfilm reproduction
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Reference No. S1910010700102
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