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Tour of the Islands-Tennan Gyofu (Ryukyu Shimpo)

Tour of the Islands-Tennan Gyofu

August 13th
Arrived off Waheiyama (Uotsuri Island) at 7 a.m., but unable to land due to this small strong wind and rough seas. Sailed around to this small Island and dropped anchor in the lee of the island.
Waheiyama (Uotsuri Island) has many trees, of which betel palms are particularly frequent. This is why the island is commonly called Kobashima ("Betel Palm Island"). But there are no trees or plants on the Island, which has a rock resembling a stone tower at one end. This is perhaps where the name Senkaku ("Pointed Pavilion") originated. Sea birds are extremely numerous. There are so many of them that, when they fly up in alarm at the sound of a ship's whistle, they make the sky go dark.
In these parts, the sea is rough and does not easily permit landing. As evening arrived, we could at last allow an employee from Koga Shoten to land, so we decided to reload the cargo as it was, and weighed anchor some time past 8 o'clock. Headed for Ishigaki Island.

Document title Tour of the Islands-Tennan Gyofu (Ryukyu Shimpo)
Date created (Western calendar) September 28, 1909
Date created (Japanese era) September 28, Meiji 42
Author(s) / Editor(s) Tennan Gyofu
Publisher Ryukyu Shimpo
Name of publication Ryukyu Shimpo
Content An article stating that a Koga Shoten employee landed on Waheiyama (another name for Uotsuri Island during Meiji era).
Language Japanese
Public access Open
Repository Okinawa Prefectural Library (Japanese Only)New Window
Medium Paper, microfilm reproduction
Copies 1
Reference No. S1909092800102
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