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Exploration of Southern Islands

Summary of references to the Senkaku Islands
July 1Situation of the uninhabited island
Kobashima (Senkaku Islands) explained by Hanamoto Kansuke and others at Naha Public Office
September 1 Interview with Noda Tadashi and
hisparty of fishery operators
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September 5 Sendoff for Noda Tadashi and his party

"Views on Southern Islands Affairs"
Kumeakashima (Taisho Island)
Kubashima (Kuba Island)
Uotsurishima (Uotsuri Island)

Document title Exploration of Southern Islands
Date created (Western calendar) May 1894
Date created (Japanese era) May, Meiji 27
Author(s) / Editor(s) Sasamori Gisuke
Publisher Sasamori Gisuke
Name of publication Exploration of Southern Islands
Content A travelogue recording the personal observations of Sasamori Gisuke, a Shizoku of Aomori Prefecture, when he visited Okinawa Prefecture in 1893 and conducted field studies on Okinawa Main Island and the Miyako and Yaeyama Islands.
In the book, Sasamori describes activities by people in connection with the Senkaku Islands that he himself witnessed (1. A statement by a migrant worker who went to the islands to collect albatross feathers, 2. The fact that a group of fishermen led by Noda Tadashi, a Shizoku of Kumamoto Prefecture, planned to conduct fishery operations around the islands and had arrived in Okinawa Prefecture, where they attracted considerable attention). In the Appendix, Sasamori states his own proposals ("Views on Southern Island Affairs"), writing that "Administrative Offices should be established in Sakishima, and should have overall control of twenty islands in all, including Miyakojima Island, Yashima, Yaeyama Island, Kushima, the uninhabited island of Kumeakashima, Kuba Island, Uotsurishima (Uotsuri Island), and Mishima." In the above, "Kumeakashima" is thought to be the island now known as Taisho Island in the Senkaku Islands, "Kobashima" is probably Kuba Island, and "Uotsuri Island" is the island still known by that name. "Sakishima" is a collective name incorporating the Miyako and Yaeyama Islands, otherwise known as the "Sakishima Islands".
Language Japanese
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Medium Paper / Booklet
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