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Documents Classified by Time Period: 1950 - 1954

Reference No. Document title
Reference No.: S1950000000103 1950 survey photographs
Reference No.: S1950091500102 Senkaku Islands Travelogue (1) (Uruma Shimpo)
Reference No.: S1950091600102 Senkaku Islands Travelogue (2) (Uruma Shimpo)
Reference No.: S1952000000103 1952 survey photographs
Reference No.: S1952000000203 1952 survey photographs (2)
Reference No.: S1952030800102 Survey Team for the Senkaku Islands Lineup was decided (Okinawa Times)
Reference No.: S1952042900102 Senkaku Islands Scientific Survey Team returns (Okinawa Times)
Reference No.: S1953000000103 1953 survey photographs
Reference No.: S1953010000101 Government of the Ryukyu Islands (GRI) Meteorological Observatory / Work Log (FY1953 General Affairs)
Reference No.: S1953032000102 Military plans weather stations on Uotsuri and Rasa Island as typhoon early warning sites (Ryukyu Shimpo)
Reference No.: S1953043000102 Smuggling in the Senkaku Islands (Okinawa Times)
Reference No.: S1953051500102 Daiho Maru returns laden with fish (Ryukyu Shimpo)
Reference No.: S1953081900102 Fishries resource surveys in the Senkaku Islands Test vessels are a source of worry (Okinawa Times)
Reference No.: S1953121500102 Live-fire exercises Near the Senkaku Islands (Yaeyama Mainichi Shimbun)
Reference No.: S1954072400102 Conclusion of mackerel fishing ground survey (Okinawa Times)
Reference No.: S1954111000101 Summary Description of Yaeyama Islands (No.9 FY1953)