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Documents Classified by Time Period : 1895 - 1899

Reference No. Document title
Reference No.: S1895011100101Confidential No. 2 / "On the matter of erecting territorial markers on Kuba and Uotsuri Islands"
Reference No.: S1895011200101Hibetsu No. 133 [Submit to the Cabinet on the matter of erecting markers of the attachment]
Reference No.: S1895011200201Hibetsu No. 133 / On the matter of erecting markers
Reference No.: S1895011400101Cabinet decision / Draft Instruction / On the matter of erecting markers, as the request stated
Reference No.: S1895012100101Naikaku Hi No. 16 [The matter of erecting markers is as its request.]
Reference No.: S1895012200101Part of Hibetsu No. 133 [On the matter of erecting territorial markers with the Prefecture's jurisdictional area on Kuba and Uotsuri Islands (Okinawa Prefecture) / Draft Instruction by the Ministry of Home Affairs]
Reference No.: S1895090000103Journal of the Fisheries Society of Japan No.151 Okinawa Prefecture Sakishima Fisheries Survey
Reference No.: S1897053100101Imperial Edict No. 169 [To designate the local districts to be exempt from enforcement of the Leaf Tobacco Monopoly Law]
Reference No.: S1898071700102Situation of the Senkaku Islands (Ryukyu Shimpo)
Reference No.: S1898090500101Denju No. 231 [On the 2nd of this month, ..., who had been drifting in coastal waters of Uotsuri Island in this prefecture, 118 nautical miles northwest of Keelung, ...]
Reference No.: S1898090600101Denju No. 232 [Drifted sailors, I inquired yesterday, were sent by today's liner. I request to send a cable back immediatly]
Reference No.: S1898090600201[Draft cable / Denso No. 173 / No objection to the repatriation of sailors of the Qing Dynasty to Taiwan as they desired, who were drifted to the Prefecture's jurisdictional area]
Reference No.: S1899060300102Natural History Survey (flora, fauna and geology) by teacher KUROIWA (Ryukyu Shimpo)